Fidget Festivities

Deniece, the mistress of many faces, invites you to participate in The Fidget Festivities, where we sponsor all contests and games.

GMD Christmas Contest!

November 17th-January 1st

"You know, there's Fidget, and Fidget, and Fidget ... and MORE Fidget ... " Throughout the whole website, 9 Fidget icons of different colors will be scattered. The object of the game is to find all 9 of them, then send an email to, telling me the exact locations you found them and HOW you found them. The Fidget you will be looking for will look something like this:

You will be disqualified if you 1) share your answers with other contestants, and 2) use the "View Page Source" option to find them. The prizes will be given to the top three winning contestants. They are as follows:

1st prize (9 out of 9 Fidgets)--GMD style 2017 calendar AND some handmade diaries/journals with your own GMD OC's of choice on it (must inform me in an email which characters you want)
2nd prize (8 out of 9 Fidgets)--Some posters made with Fidget and my own GMD OC characters on it
3rd prize (7 out of 9 Fidgets)--coasters made out of felt with the main GMD character cast, NO OC's

After winning contestants have been determined, you must provide me with your mailing address so that I'll know where to send the prizes to. They will be sent via First Class Mail. If you have any further questions or concerns, just email me at When you send me an email, PLEASE put "GMD Contest" in the subject line so that it won't get accidentally deleted.

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