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This page has a brief overview about how to use this site and what to expect. If you have any further questions not covered on this page, just email Reyelene


All properties of Fidget and The Great Mouse Detective are copyright 1986 by Walt Disney Productions. In case you are wondering "Who is Fidget?", he is Professor Ratigan's peg-legged bat henchman in the film, designed by Glen Keane, same designer who drew Creeper from Disney's The Black Cauldron and Beast from Beauty and the Beast. The Fidget Connections cast are copyright 2002-2016 by Reyelene (myself). I dedicated this website to this character because I wanted to do something different from the other Great Mouse Detective fan sites. The material on this site is to be used for personal and private uses ONLY, which leads to the next header below.

How to use this site

This web site is what is called a fan site, and for those of you who do not know what a fan site is, this is how it works. Ever watched a movie/tv series repeatedly that you liked so much or liked a particular character, but did not like how the movie/series ended or felt that your favorite character's role was underplayed? Well, that's where fan sites come in. They're here to encourage viewers like me and you to look at your favorite film/character in an objective manner. It's a perfect way to hone your creative and critical thinking skills, while at the same time, it's fun! But as with anything in life, there are limitation that you have to abide by (even I have to abide by them too). Mine are these these steps: 1) Do NOT use any of the material on this site for profit. As I mentioned above, the material is for personal and private uses ONLY. 2) Do NOT use profanity on the Fidget Guestbook for any reason! Although I welcome all reviews, the feedback I look for is constructive criticism (as in, how to make the site better for my viewers). Profanity is NOT constructive, NOT productive, and bottom-line, NOT acceptable, on this website or any other. And finally 3) Do NOT use any of the material without permission. This is pretty much like the first step. If you want to use a character on my site, you need to ASK me first. That is why I provided my email above, so that you guys have the opportunity to ask questions on anything not covered on the Copyrights & Disclaimer page. Use that opportunity and ask all the questions! You'll be glad you did. Trust me!


I provided an "M" for mature because most of my fan fiction/pastiches convey serious subject matter (almost borderline controversial). However, I've had some reviewers of my stories say that my stories sound more like a "T" rating instead. So, if you feel this rating was made in error, please contact Reyelene.

* All properties of Fidget & The Great Mouse Detective are copyright 1986 by Walt Disney Productions. *All characters in The Fidget Connections are copyright 2002-2016 by Reyelene. *All songs in The Fidget Gramophone are copyrights of the artists stated.

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