The Fidget Descendants take place after the events of The Fidget Connections canon and death of Maria Boitano, circa 1920-1950. Fidget and his family have grown weary of England's political strifes, so they migrate to The New World, a place where there is opportunity for all kind, rodent and bat alike. But even in the land of opportunity, demons still lurk.

*Characters from the film
*Characters based on characters from books/novels
*Characters based on historical figures and events
*Characters based on or modeled after actors/celebrities, or inspired by 1980s music
Without asterisk--Characters without basis

The Descendants of the New World


The Parallels of the New World


Creatures of the Shadows

Three Pharaoh Sisters

Political Figures

* All properties of Fidget & The Great Mouse Detective are copyright 1986 by Walt Disney Productions. *All characters in The Fidget Connections are copyright 2002-2016 by Reyelene. *All songs in The Fidget Gramophone are copyrights of the artists stated.

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