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I'll bet many of you are curious as to why I like Fidget so much and why I have a page dedicated to him. Most of these questions have actually been asked of me, a few are a result of me playing "devil's advocate" because I anticipate questions like these to come up. If you have any questions of your own not covered on this list, you can sign the Fidget Guestbook, or email Reyelene

Q: Who is Fidget?

A: Fidget is Professor Ratigan's peg-legged henchman in Disney's The Great Mouse Detective. You first see him in the beginning of the film when Olivia and Hiram Flaversham are celebrating Olivia's "very best birthday." Most fans remember him for that scary entrance he makes when he breaks through the shutter windows.

Q: Why do like Fidget so much?

A: Why do I like Fidget, you say? I like him for a lot of reasons, but the main reason I like him is because he was a brand new character in the Disney franchise, as well as the only "bat" character to be featured among the main cast. I'm sure most of you have already noticed that Disney films like to recycle their own scenes or characters to keep a tight budget. An example of this is Bill the Lizard, who is first introduced in Alice and Wonderland, and then is re-introduced again in The Great Mouse Detective (although his name is never mentioned). Yes, I know Disney has a legitimate reason to do so, but that doesn't mean that I like it. Also, I wanted to do something that most people would not do, regardless of whether it's popular or not. Even most Great Mouse Detective fan sites don't do Fidget any justice, so ... that's where I come in!

Q: What inspired you to create a GMD website dedicated to Fidget?

A: My biggest influence, though not particularly GMD or Disney in style, was from watching a lot of Japanese Anime. I was part of the Anime fandom, collecting DVDs, music soundtracks, I even took a Japanese language class. I also like to read a lot and got some influences from books like The Silverwing series by Kenneth Oppel, and of course from the old Disney classics. But what really got me to give birth to this website was after looking at a GMD website, created by Diane N. Train (a.k.a. Mlle Irene Relda). Upon looking at her GMD Pastiche Cast, my jaw practically dropped when I heard the voice file provided for the character Mlle Irene Relda. I actually thought it was part of a deleted scene from the movie itself (after all, the movie does have a lot of plot holes). Not too long after that, I created a pastiche cast of my own ... mostly of bats. Thank you Miss Tran for inspiring me! Without your shared knowledge and talents, this site would not exist! ^_____^

Q: Who designed Fidget and where does he come from?

A: Fidget was designed by Glen Keane, the same designer who drew Creeper from Disney's The Black Cauldron and Beast from Beauty and the Beast. As to where he comes from, it is never mentioned in the film, so it's all based on speculation. In my Fidget Connections canon, Fidget is of Irish and Italian descent, both known for having short tempers, and both known for getting drunk. And in case you're itching to call out, "Hey, that's a stereotype!" or "Hey, that's discrimination!" I happen to be a quarter Italian. So I CAN say that! Point the finger all you want, you can't stop ME from talking! :p

Q: Why does Fidget still have a job?

A: LOL!!! I like this one! This is the SMARTEST question I've ever encountered! I would say Professor Ratigan let really his own guard down when he hired Fidget (*bat gives website owner a scowl*--Hey, hey! I was only kidding, Fidget!). This question came from a website titled 5 unanswered questions everyone who loves Disney's The Great Mouse Detective still has. You can click the link here. Whoever posted this site was right on the money when he/she made the point about Fidget being too disabled to be a henchman when there may have been many flight capable bats for the job. In my Fidget Connections canon, Ratigan did once have a flight capable bat named Llewelyn of Breconshire. However, this bat was too smart for his own good and ended up betraying Ratigan. So that no other mouse would dare go against him in the future, Professor Ratigan hires his pet cat, Felicia, to keep his henchman in line. As for Fidget, he assumes an incompetent bat would be more loyal than a competent. Of course, we all know what happens near the end when Ratigan himself betrays Fidget by throwing him overboard. There is NO honor among villains!

Q: How old is Fidget?

A: Although the film never specifies (damn, there's A LOT of stuff this film never specifies!), it is safe to assume that Fidget's age falls anywhere between late teens and early thirties. We only know his "I'm too young to die!" cry when he is almost swallowed by Felicia. Most GMD fan-fiction writers assume that Fidget is late teenager, if not early adulthood. In The Fidget Connections canon, Fidget is actually in his early thirties, but does not look it because bats age differently from rodents. Also, Fidget never mentally grew up, so sometimes the way he acts make him seem more younger than he actually is.

Q: Why is Fidget's character so underplayed if he's among the main cast?

A: Because the filmmakers only intended for Fidget to be a "scary, yet comical character," i.e., comic relief. But I do feel for you guys. I think Fidget's role deserved a lot more than what was provided, but then again, Walt Disney animated films tend to focus more on the technical aspect rather than character development, though Great Mouse Detective, Black Cauldron, DuckTales, and Darkwing Duck were exceptions to this. Most of the older Disney classics were good in this area too, but the way 80's and early 90's Disney films/series did it really blended that world of character development versus technological advancement.

Q: Is there any Fidget merchandise available?

A: Actually there is, although it's still a bit limited. On Amazon's website, there are some iPhone and Samsung Galaxy cell phone cases with scenes from the film. While I was in college, I looked for Fidget merchandise and there were practically ZERO available. The best I was able to do was a pin with his picture from the Golden Look Look Books version.

Q: Is Fidget in the original Eve Titus books?

A: *sighes* Sadly, no (and believe me, I looked). However, he is based on three character from the original Sherlock Holmes book series. They are Sebastian Moran, Jonathan Small, and Tonga. Sebastian Moran makes his appearance in "The Adventure of the Empty House," he is a retired military personnel noted to be the second most dangerous criminal, next to Professor Moriarty ranking as the most dangerous of them all. Moriarty was Moran's employer, similar to how Ratigan is Fidget's employer. Jonathan Small is a character with a wooden leg and is introduced in The Sign of Four, also a former soldier, but matching Fidget more in character personality and design wise (the wooden leg). And the third, Tonga, was a native pygmy who was the small accomplice to Jonathan Small, so the animal-like and crazy-cute maniacal tendencies are also the basis of Fidget's character. Most of Fidget's characteristics are based on the voice actor himself, Candy Candido ... which leads to the next question.

Q: Who voiced Fidget?

A: Fidget was voiced by the late Candy Candido, who also voiced countless other Disney characters, such as the Indian Chief in Disney's Peter Pan, the Crocodile Captain of the Guards in Robin Hood, and Brutus & Nero in The Rescuers to name a few. He also participated in radio shows alongside Jimmy Durante as well as the famous duet Abbot & Costello, after Costello passed away. Oh, and have any of you noticed how Fidget places his hands on his hips, or has wrung his hands while he was trying to explain to Ratigan why the "list" was missing? There's an act Candy Candido himself put on, and moments before performance, he wrung his hands (during the act, he placed his hands on his hips). You can watch the video yourself by clicking here. Hopefully, YouTube has not taken it down yet as it has a tendency to do with other good videos without notice.

Q: What if I don't like Fidget?

A: Now, no one has asked me this question yet, but I decided to make this one up because I'm highly sure someone will be asking questions like this. In most of my Great Mouse Detective conversations, there were more people who thought he was cute and nothing more, or didn't know who Fidget was and/or forgot his name. The only time I encountered an "OMG! Fidget is so annoying!" was on this website with a poll, posted by Okami_Amaterasu (link. The poll had asked the question "Do you like Fidget?", 42% said yes and 33% said no. But those who don't like Fidget really lack in understanding as to how intricate and complex this character really is. Unlike most GMD fans who only focus on the obviously scary parts of the character, I look at him from an entirely different perspective. I focus on scenes such as when he was rudely awakened by Professor Ratigan (dammit, can't a bat get ANY sleep?) and when he struggles to explain what happened to the list Ratigan gave him. That's the part of Fidget I like to remember most and nurture that part. As for all you Fidget haters, Fidget and I have no use for you. Haters be hatin'! *both bat and website owner blow raspberries*

Q: Is Fidget Ticklish?

A: Hey now, don't tempt me! I'm pretty sure that he is. I do have a pastiche story from The Fidget Connections canon called A Lesson to be Learned that highlights that idea. BUT, we can always team up to find out. *gleams wickedly at the peg-legged bat; peg-legged bat runs the other way*

Q: Do you honestly believe Fidget is capable of reforming?

A: Yes, I do. I know, I know, you're all going to point out the obvious scary scenes and they totally contradict my theory. But hey, this is a fan site, so MY site equals MY rules!

Q: How did Fidget end up with a broken wing and a peg leg?

A: In my Fidget Connections cannon, Fidget encounters a black widow bat named Selena Lunarias who tricks him into following her down a dark alley, claiming that she had a nice surprise for him. That surprise happened to be Captain Lillan Bates's crew, the ones who turned against their own captain and just plain hate Fidget. A fight ensues, Fidget barely escapes but is seriously injured. His right leg is mangled so badly that Captain Bates is forced to amputate it. As for his wing, Bates intended to search for Basil and help Fidget to heal it. Unfortunately, Ratigan's henchman kill Bates before that could ever happen. Thus, Fidget's wing healed improperly and he was never able to fly since. As far as the filmmakers' intentions, it is never specified so it's all based on theories and speculations. A possible theory is Fidget was stricken with disease, either polio, which is known for muscular degeneration, and diabetes, in severe cases, resulting in limb loss. It's quite obvious that Fidget is a malnourished character, based on how skinny he is drawn, not to mention you see him drinking Rodent's Delight, but does he ever eat!? As envious as I am of your skinny body, Fidget, I like food too much to go that route.

Do you think they'll ever make a GMD sequel?

A: I've heard rumors about this, but I have never seen it come into fruition. I'm actually hoping that they do NOT come up with one. After what I've seen happened with Disney sequels on other Disney animated films, I think a sequel to GMD would be an insult. Unless they feature Fidget in the sequel, which I highly doubt, I prefer GMD to be a movie by itself, open-ended and left to the imagination. Which leads to the next question.

Q: Does Fidget die in the film?

A: Yes, he does. Even though it doesn't flat out say he does, it is greatly implied in that dirigible scene that Fidget is dead. Because he can't fly, the height of distance between the river and the dirigible, and the possible impact in the water would all be enough to contribute to his death. But that's why I made this site. In the Fidget Connections canon, he is rescued by a show girl bat named Deniece la Chauve-souris. Oh, there's also a 2007 comic version called The Sideshow SeaBeast, where Fidget has survived, is reformed, and now serves as Olivia Flaversham's sidekick. But in the comic, they don't explain how he survived, or how he is able to fly again.

* All properties of Fidget & The Great Mouse Detective are copyright 1986 by Walt Disney Productions. *All characters in The Fidget Connections are copyright 2002-2016 by Reyelene. *All songs in The Fidget Gramophone are copyrights of the artists stated.

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