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Put that needle on that vinyl record and listen to some of Fidget's favorite tunes! This page contains a series of sound files from The Great Mouse Detective soundtrack. This page also has a list of some popular songs from the 1980s and early 1990s, since those were the golden years of music and helped set the tune for The Fidget Connections Canon. If you would like to have a song included, just email Reyelene.

The Great Mouse Detective soundtrack

All songs from the GMD soundtrack are composed by Henry Mancini

Main Title

Enter Ratigan

Dawson finds Olivia

Enter Basil

Crushed Box

Unusual Footprints

The World's Greatest Criminal Mind

Here's Toby

Check Mate!



Cat Nip

Let Me Be Good to You

Ratigan's Plan

Goodbye so Soon (Ratigan's version)

Big Ben Chase

Wrap Up

Goodbye so Soon (end credits version)

Songs from the 1980s and early 1990s

Love is a Battlefield

Sung by Pat Benatar

As Fidget starts each day (er, night--he's a bat BTW) in The Fidget Connections Canon, he is constantly plagued by memories of the past, each time becoming more and more difficult. However, it is Deniece who always reminds him to treat each day as an adventure as a means to help him get through the day. The more he is reminded of it, the lesser the bad memories become.

The Power of Love

Sung by Deee-Lite

Since Deniece has left her position in The Rat Trap for good to work for Basil of Baker Street, Allison Lydell is now the singer that has taken her place. Allison is the embodiment of childhood innocence in a macabre-like world ... and she happens to be a rat, by the way.

The Power to Forgive

Sung by Kajagoogoo

Decisions, decisions ... and Fidget's mind is boggled by so many of them, most of them a test to his character. Will he make wise choices in his life, or will he allow himself to be dragged back into the underworld?


Sung by Blondie

Before Captain Lillian Bates became a pirate of The Bloody Rose, she once served as a waitress in pubs ... and had an incredible singing voice. This song is a reflection of the underworld life that Lillian Bates once led.

Heart of Glass

Sung by Blondie

Again, explore the underworld of Captain Lillian Bates as her hatred toward men becomes apparent. She constantly describe the heart as a piece of glass ... easily broken and unneeded.

A Glamorous Life

Sung by Sheila E.

Fidget's first love affair, Marie Bonaguide, has heard that Fidget now lives a luxurious life and goes to search for him. Of course, her concept of "luxurious" is material wealth and gain, which is NOT what the mice folk meant in describing Fidget's new life. Ohhhh boy, wait until she finds out what a FOOL she had made of herself.

Koo Koo

Sung by Sheila E.

What the world of over-indulgence can do to the mind. Velvet, one of Fidget's past love affairs, has allowed laziness to overcome her mind ... even to the point of not taking good care of herself. Unlike this song's ending, it's a good thing Fidget comes to save the day (er, night!).

Nasty Girl

Sung by Vanity 6

Evil countess, Selena Lunarias, has absolutely NO shame in flaunting her promiscuity ... even when Fidget does NOT want it.

More Love

Sung by Jasmine Guy

As Fidget and Deniece both learn how hatred constantly plagues both rodent and bat kind alike, the two agree that in order to create a better world for themselves, they have to put minuscule differences aside.

Knocked Out

Sung by Paula Abdul

And The Rat Trap has gone nuts! Champagne corks popping, riots ensuing, and anything you can imagine invisible to the average mouse in all mousedom.

Take my Breath Away

Sung by Berlin

Fidget and Deniece have come to realize that there are other kindred spirits out there since their marriage to each other.

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Sung by Bonnie Tyler

Three out of the four of Fidget's past love affairs are eventually learn to look up to Fidget because now they see him as the light of their dark world.


Sung by Sade

Sometimes, Fidget and Deniece just need a day to themselves where they don't have to worry too much about pleasing the mice folk they are constantly surrounded by.

Keep Looking

Sung by Sade

Fidget ventures on his own for intellectual pursuits, but Ratigan's remaining henchmice just mock him while the folks of mousedom just love to gossip.

Haunt Me

Sung by Sade

Whenever Deniece's inner most desires peak, a voice that is not her own constantly repeats these words in her head. Although Deniece's biological mother is no longer among the living, her spirit lives on.

I Never Thought I'd See the Day

Sung by Sade

After Fidget makes it through his nightmarish ordeals of the past, such as that fat cat Felicia wanting to eat him or risking his life to help a poor fellow mouse in need, another chain is broken and he is overcome with relief.

Love Notes

Sung by Deniece Williams

Fidget works hard each day, not only for the sake of bettering himself, but to bring himself closer to Deniece. One of the ways he does this is practicing writing love notes, even though he struggles at times.

Now is the Time for Love

Sung by Deniece Williams

At the end of the day, Fidget and Deniece became closer and closer. This song reflects their triumph as a couple, able to withstand anything that gets in their way.


Sung by Deniece Williams

When Deniece and Fidget have arranged an outing together, there is usually a waiting time because one is usually late (most of the times, it's Fidget), or is held back by some inexplicable force. So this song is a reflection of the waiting time that each party has to endure.

Promises, Promises

Sung by Naked Eyes

An elephant may forgive, but can he ever forget? Or in this case, a peg-legged bat who struggles to overcome his debt to mousedom society? It is unrealistic to think that Fidget is just going to pretend that being thrown off that dirigible never happened.

When the Lights Go Out

Sung by Naked Eyes

After a long night's work and toil for both of them, Fidget and Deniece return to their house on Addington Street for a little ... quality time.

Songs from the Easy Listening Divas!

Cry Me a River

Beau soir

Ma Premiere Chanson

Gotta Move!

* All properties of Fidget & The Great Mouse Detective are copyright 1986 by Walt Disney Productions. *All characters in The Fidget Connections are copyright 2002-2016 by Reyelene. *All songs in The Fidget Gramophone are copyrights of the artists stated.

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